Saturday, June 24, 2006


Pay for your precious eyes..

Now-a-days most of the employers would certainly offer you a Vision Insurance coverage. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, most of the small businesses provide a Vision Insurance. Most of these plans would cover for eye check-ups and your spectacles. This is a type of insurance is quite affordable and can be easily procured. And eyes being our most precious gifts, we can certainly afford to pay $50 a year.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Your Credit Score decides your Insurance

According to some insurers there exists a connection between financial credibility and insurance losses. Your credit report might seem to be an important tool to figure out your financial credibility. Its assumed that if your report reflects a lower financial responsibility you are prone to file more claims and so it necessitates you to pay more towards insurance. Some of the consumers are of the opinion that the credit report is not a convincing tool to calculate the premiums or to decide whether a person should be insured or not. Thus they explain a negative effect of credit data on the minority groups.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Get your Long Term Care today !

It would be easier for you to opt for a Long Term Care Policy offered by the private insurers. But at the same time keep an eye on the offers that come your way through your employer. These offers may also sound good for your parents too !

The long term care benefits offered by the federal health insurance program are very limited and may need you to pay fairly large amounts as co-payments. The benefits offered to the low-income groups in U.S. are subject to strict financial eligibility criteria and for the other public services you may need to trudge through a long waiting list.


Workmen's Compensation Insurance

According to the Workmen’s Compensation Act, the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is a must for every employer now-a-days. The lawful liabilities of the employer against his dead or injured employees are covered by this insurance policy.

This coverage includes all the accidental or fatal injuries that can not be overlooked by a responsible employer. With an agreement to pay an additional premium to his insurer, the employer might even skip the medical, surgical and hospitalization charges associated with such an event. The amount to be insured depends on the yearly wages of the workmen for that insured period. Thus the final settlement with the insurer can be achieved only after the policy expires or if the claim is supported by the statement of actual wages received by the employees for that period.


Terrorism Risk Insurance Act

Prior to September 11, the chances of property damage were much less and as a result of that insurers were more confident of offering free Terrorism Coverage. The task of re-assessing the risk factor has been instigated mainly by the impact of the September 11 incident, which led to the scarcity of the Terrorism Coverage. Reinsurers were busy identifying the risk-prone urban localities where they would not be offering Terrorism Coverage anymore. The state insurance departments were flooded with requests from the leading insurers for letting them eliminate terrorism coverage from the policies they offered. The Congress had no other option but to pass the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). In order to know more about TRIA click here.


an era of new resolutions...

Hi everyone...!

Its for quite sometime that I'd been wondering about how to use my blog for a good cause...
now that I'm working for an insurance website...I'd like you guys to comment towards the growth o' an Insurance Community that spells confidence and value for money !

I'm sure you'd be enjoying it as one o' your favorite pastimes as you cruise into a very distinct domain. I've seen a couple of blogs generating a wholesome community and ushering in an era of new resolutions for the future... Lets hope...that we can make it big...and preserve our goodwill for a good cause !



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